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Staples® Top Coil Spiral Bound Steno Book, Heavyweight White Paper, 6" x 9", Wide Ruling, Sheets/Pad ( Pages) THE STAPLES COMPANY STP (5 reviews) Login for pricing and availability information. There are little user bases here and there who could use a tool for writing faster than WPM, many of them have the motivation to put in the time: anybody who can copy Morse code at above 80WPM certainly has the work ethic to learn steno at least passably.

A court reporter, or stenographer, is a person who transcribes the spoken words during trials, depositions, and any legal or administrative proceeding, into written words. This is usually done via a stenotype machine, which uses shorthand coding keys to type the message into a database. Jede Woche habe ich vier Stunden Steno, aber nur zwei Stunden Computerkurs ", sagt eine Schülerin der Kant-Akademie, die eine Ausbildung zur kaufmännischen Assistentin absolviert.

Synonyms for steno pad at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for steno pad.

Steno writing a-z
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