Shimako re write as a logarithmic equation

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SOLUTION: Rewrite as a logarithmic equation e^y=3

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Rewrite the equation log 2 (x - 3) = 2 into exponential form x - 3 = 2 2 = 4 Solve for x x = 4 + 3 = 7 3. Divide all terms of the equation 2 log 3 (- x + 1) = 6 by 2 log 3 (- x + 1) = 3 Rewrite the equation obtained in exponential form - x + 1 = 3 3 = 27 Solve for x x = - 26 More References and Links Related to the Logarithmic Functions.

Before you try to understand the formula for how to rewrite a logarithm equation as exponential equation, you should be comfortable solving exponential equations.

As the examples below will show you, a logarithmic expression like $$ log_2 $$ is simply a different way of writing an exponent! The 2PI effective action formalism for quantum fields out of equilibrium is set up in an expanding (Friedmann-Robertson-Walker) background.

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Sertindole could theoretically reduce the financial burden of schizophrenia on health- and social-care systems by reducing the need for re-hospitalization and by enabling patients to. Click here to see ALL problems on Exponential-and-logarithmic-functions. Answer by ewatrrr () (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website!

Shimako re write as a logarithmic equation
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