New surgical technology adoption or diffusion

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Adoption of new surgical technology linked to complications

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New Surgical Technology: Adoption or Diffusion? Essay

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Diffusion of surgical innovation among patients with kidney cancer

It’s unlikely that the complications were the. We will write a custom essay sample on Adoption of new technology systems specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now New Surgical Technology: Adoption or Diffusion? Adoption of Information and Communication Technology.

This paper examines the adoption by general surgeons of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a new surgical procedure which was introduced in The paper addresses the informational and cost externalities which may be generated when the first surgeon in a hospital adopts a new procedure.

technology, adoption and diffusion of Although not originally designed as such, diffusion of innovations has proven to be an important theory for explaining the dynamics of communication.

Diffusion of innovations is a theory originally designed to explain how change agents influence social processes. Factors that determine the adoption and diffusion of a new technology fall into two categories: characteristics of the technology itself (box 1) and contextual factors that promote it (box 2).

Surgeons are attracted to the new technology if it can be passively observed, easily and quickly learnt, and added to their existing practice with. This presents a challenge for developers, utilizers, purchasers, and regulators of new technology: to permit adoption of cost-effective new technologies without allowing them to absorb significant resources for cost-ineffective uses.

New surgical technology adoption or diffusion
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New Surgical Technology: Adoption or Diffusion?