Miss adela strangeworth

What is the character of Miss Strangeworth?

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A Possibility of Evil Character Sketch – Adela Strangeworth Essay Sample

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Possibility of Evil

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The Possibility of Evil

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“The Possibility of Evil”

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How did this get here?. Mrs. Strangeworth grasped the doornob and pulled the door open, peering out to check on her rosebushes. What she saw was the most worst shock of her life, Roses, clipped from their bushes, were strewn all throughout the garden, scattered like children with nowhere to go.

“Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson Study Questions DO BOTH SIDES Page 2 of 2 Mrs. Salona Explain the difference between the papers Miss Strangeworth uses to write letters.

Miss Strangeworth is worried about the welfare of her neighbors. This shows the readers how Miss Strangeworth is a caring old woman, and how she looks after all the community members.

Finally, Miss Strangeworth is respected and many younger members of the community look up to her for guidance. Mrs Strangeworth: Miss Adela Strangeworth is a pensioner living on Pleasant Street, who is pleased with her lifestyle, the rest of the village's respect for her, and, above all, her roses.

Possibilities of Evils: Education in Reading a Shirley Jackson Classic

She often goes into town, is sociable and is liked. Oct 20,  · Miss Strangeworth cared an awful lot about her town and the eye-catching roses on her front lawn. She wanted to protect her town from evil but without her family, the town would stay to be evil.

Every night, Miss Strangeworth would write letters to the people in her town who she thought needed some sort of guidance or help. Shirley Jackson “The Possibility of Evil†Shirley Jackson Miss Adela Strangeworth stepped daintily along Main Street on her way to the grocery.

The sun was shining, the air was fresh and clear after the night’s heavy rain, and everything in Miss Strangeworth’s little town looked washed and bright.

Miss adela strangeworth
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