Lua io.write append

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Lua API Reference

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Loops/N plus one half

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December 9, CoronaSDK, Lua If you are serious about mobile development using CoronaSDK there is one tool you should definitely check out, Corona Project Manager by J.

A. Whye. For me, it’s an organic extension to CoronaSDK and makes it very easier to work with. Because Lua handles long strings efficiently, a simple technique for writing filters in Lua is to read the whole file into a string, do the processing to the string (typically with gsub), and.

Abstract base class extending LibFunction which implements the core of the lua standard io library. appendMode - true if opening in append mode updateMode - true if opening in update mode binaryMode - true if opening in binary mode _io_write public Varargs _io_write(Varargs args) throws unavocenorthernalabama.comption Throws: unavocenorthernalabama.comption.

-- Load the wxLua module, does nothing if running from wxLua, wxLuaFreeze, or wxLuaEdit. Please, tag your question in order to clarify which programming language you use. Lua provides separate functions for formatting text ( and for writing text (

It is straightforward to combine both functions into a single one: function fwrite (fmt, ) return, )) end Notice the presence of a fixed parameter fmt before the dots.

Lua io.write append
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