Junaid jamshed

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Junaid Jamshed

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Junaid Jamshed

Naat City, an Online Islamic Audio Library containing Audio Naats, Hamd etc in MP3 format of different Naat Khawans. Junaid Jamshed, Karachi, Pakistan. 7, likes · 89, talking about this.

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Junaid Jamshed gave up glamour for God, but stayed close to the limelight

Mashallah such a beautiful Naat. I love this Naat its the best.

Jalwa-e-Janaan, Jalwa-e-Janaan Lyrics

Well al of them of Junaid Jamshed are beautiful. SUBHANALLAH, may Allah rest his soul in Heaven.

Junaid Jamshed gave up glamour for God, but stayed close to the limelight

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Junaid jamshed
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