Environmental biology

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Journal of Environmental Biology

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Environmental Biology Major

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MSc Environmental Biology: Conservation & Resource Management

The Environmental biology major will provide students with courses and research experiences that will poise them to become scientific leaders that address our most pressing environmental problems, such as: how do we feed the world without destroying the environment? Community fingerprinting is a set of molecular biology techniques that can be used to quickly profile the diversity of a microbial community.

environmental science

Rather than directly identifying or counting individual cells in an environmental sample, these techniques show how many variants of a gene are present. In general, it is assumed that each different gene variant represents a different type of microbe.

The major in Environmental Biology offers a rigorous program of study in science related to the environment.

Environmental Health

This major is designed to provide students with a foundation in population, whole organism, evolutionary biology and environmental science as well as in chemistry and mathematics.

The authors present at the meeting that concludes today include GPIC president Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery, University of Bahrain College of Science Assistant Professor of Environmental Biology Dr Humood Abdulla Nasser, Saudi Arabia's Taibha University Professor of Water Resources Management Dr Mohamed Abdulrazzak and Jordanian Royal Scientific Society, Science and Research vice .

Environmental biology
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