China tainted

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Tainted milk: Unravelling China’s melamine scandal

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China dairy products found tainted with melamine

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China dairy products found tainted with melamine

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Chinese authorities ordered the recall of tainted leukemia drugs blamed for leg pains and other problems, state media reported Sunday, the latest crisis to strike the country's embattled food and.

Chinese officials seize dairy material tainted with the toxic chemical melamine, a practice that killed six babies in The Chinese milk scandal was a widespread food safety incident in China. One citizen voiced concern that President Ma Ying-jeou's promise for closer ties with China would bring in more tainted products to Taiwan.

The Minister of the Department of Health. Corruption, poor deterrence and staffing shortages have contributed to China’s latest vaccine scare, just a decade after public confidence in food and drug safety was severely undermined by the fatal melamine-tainted milk scandal.

China’s tainted milk scandal laid bare some of harsher realities behind the country’s economic miracle – exposing the high price that can be exacted for entrenched, institutionalised corruption and inadequate oversight during times of rapid growth.

Aug 01,  · The Sunday Times reported that at least one minimart chain still selling milk products from China which were supposed to have been taken off the shelves on Friday.

China’s vaccination system has been tainted by corruption, weak regulations and staff shortages

4 of the 5 outlets of I-Tec Supermarket displayed prominently Monmilk, Wall's ice-cream and the banned China made Dutch Lady strawberry flavoured milk.

China tainted
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