Balance of payments mexico

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Current account balance

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Empirical review of the financial crisis in Mexico

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Title: Mexico: The Balance of Payments during the Financial Crisis and Beyond Author: Jean-Marc Turk Date: March 25, Institution name/journal where submitted: McGill University.

Current account balance (BoP, current US$)

iv Contents Foreword ix Preface xi CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK I. Introduction 3 Purposes of the Balance of Payments Manual 3 Changes from the Fourth Edition3 Uses of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Data4 Structure of the Manual 5 II.

Mexico Balance-of-Payments Recently, Mexico experienced large-scale trade deficits, depletion of foreign reserve holdings, and a major currency devaluation in Decemberfollowed by the decision to freely float the peso. A currency crisis results from chronic balance of payments deficits, and thus is also called a balance of payments crisis.

Often such a crisis culminates in a devaluation of the currency. A currency crisis is a type of financial crisis, and is often associated with a real economic crisis. Looking forward, we estimate Balance of Trade in Mexico to stand at in 12 months time.

In the long-term, the Mexico Balance of Trade is projected to trend around USD Million inaccording to our econometric models.

Balance of payments mexico
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