Automobile industry analysis

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The Industry Handbook: Automobiles

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Largest automobile markets - new car registrations December 2017 YTD

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One of the greatest agreements to come from the industry was reported in the Jan 7 Issue, Motor Age Magazine. NEW YORK, Jan.

Global Automotive Report

7—Announcement was made yesterday that the cross licensing agreement in connection with patent rights, which had been under way among the manufacturers of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, has become effective through the joining in.

the agreement of. More in Industry Analysis February Sales Insights February sales fell by % from a year ago, an anticipated drop as the market cools from record sales levels posted the. France was a pioneer in the automotive industry and is the 11th-largest automobile manufacturer in the world by unit production and the third-largest in Europe (after Germany and Spain).

It had consistently been the 4th-largest from the end of World War II up to France is home to two major automaking companies: PSA Group (owner of the Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Opel/Vauxhall.

Automotive industry in France

European Automobile Industry [James M. Laux] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since the birth of the gasoline-fueled automobile in the mids, the car market has grown to become Europe's largest among consumer products.

The internal combustion engine--a feasible technology after the appearance of the petroleum industry in quickly supplanted the hoopla surrounding. FOURIN,Inc. - Research and Analysis of the Asian Automotive Industry FOURIN, Inc.


is a research and publishing company, specializing in the global automotive industry.

Automobile industry analysis
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