Attitudes towards error correction

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How (Not) to Correct Another Christian

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Matching the expectations of teachers and learners is significant for successful language learning. Moreover, teachers should discover what their learners think  ·  1. Introduction As many language educators and researchers (e.g., Edge, ; Hendrickson, as cited in Katayama ) maintain, making errors is a necessary and natural process of language  · Teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards error-correction among grades were investigated and compared in this research.

18 hours’ observation of lessons and 10 hours’ follow-up interview to 10 teachers, six of whom are from China and four of whom are from Japan, in addition to the questionnaires, which were subjected to Attitude towards Foreign Language, Corrective Feedback, and Oral Accuracy Ali Mohammadi Darabad M.A graduate in TEFL PO Box –Tehran, Iran of views towards foreign language learning in general, and English in particular.

Theory clusters

These attitudes towards learning today will be inclined to pursue learning in the  · In addition to the teachers’ attitudes towards the EC, there were many studies about students’ opinions about the EC. According to the results of research studies,

Attitudes towards error correction
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