Athletic director

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My Story...and what being a Polar King means to me... by Chase McFarlane

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Bill Beekman expected to be named permanent Michigan State athletic director. Five months after replacing Mark Hollis, MSU forgoes its national search and puts Beekman at the helm of Spartan.

Michigan State athletic director's salary comparable to predecessor's Bill Beekman, MSU's new vice president and director of intercollegiate athletics, is getting a significant pay bump with his.

Watch video · Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis resigned Friday, becoming the latest university official to step down from his post in the wake of. NFL's Ray Anderson named ASU athletic director January 9, Today, ASU President Michael M. Crow announced Ray Anderson, executive vice president of football operations for the National Football League, has been named ASU athletic director and university vice president.

The athletic department is grateful to our parents, sponsors, Pirate Pride Booster Club, and fans that provide unrelenting support, energy, and enthusiasm for our student athletes and coaches. I wish to thank all of our sponsors for all they do and provide for our athletic teams.

Athletic director
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Kansas Jayhawks fire athletic director Sheahon Zenger