An evaluation a new approach to

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Australian aid needs a new approach to evaluation

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Australian aid needs a new approach to evaluation

/ A New Approach to Evaluation: A Guide to Creating High Performing Programs | iii respective organizations. They facilitated the acceptance of the study protocols and access to personnel, internal poli-cies, documents, and data critical to a thorough under-standing and assessment of this complex and evolving program.

And this is perhaps the biggest challenge for the upcoming year: To approach evaluation with a non-stressed frame of mind. For many camp professionals, evaluation is a high-stakes enterprise in which a camp’s evaluation results have important implications on their success in the future.

Conventional approaches to program evaluation have followed the experimental and psychometric traditions dominant in educational research. Their aim (unfulfilled) of achieving fully objective methods had led to studies that are artificial and restricted in scope.

Evaluation reports typically aren’t read. A new, collaborative approach to evaluation is needed, argue Gen Kennedy and Kate Crowley.

I chart how the evaluation team employed theories of change, present the collective lessons learned and present Narrative Assessment as a new approach to advocacy monitoring and evaluation that builds on these lessons and offers solutions to advocacy monitoring and evaluation challenges.

An evaluation a new approach to
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