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The American University (AU or American) the University Honors Program, and the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Katzen Arts Center: while the middle 50% range of SAT scores were – for critical reading, – for math, and – for writing. The middle 50% range of the ACT Composite score was 26– THE AUB WRITING CENTER.

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WELCOME TO THE SCHEDULER. Need an appointment? Create an account using your AUB email to get started. "ACCOUNT DISABLED" After registering, please check your AUB email inbox/spam/junk folder for a confirmation email in order to activate your account.

›› The American University of Beirut. The University Writing Center offers members of the GW community opportunities to receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects at all stages of the writing process.

Our trained writing consultants work with writers from the first-year college experience up.

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All Students. All Writing. The Miller Writing Center offers free, one-on-one consultation for all writers at Auburn University. Our highly trained staff of undergraduate and graduate peer tutors will help you with any kind of writing, whether for class or otherwise, at any stage in the writing process.

Faculty Spotlight Professor of Law, Harold A. McDougall. As the newly-appointed director of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program at Howard University School of Law, Professor Harold McDougall wants to provide support to young "millennial" lawyers.

The Writing Center at American University, Washington, District of Columbia. likes · 6 were here. "Students prepare papers, we prepare students." 5/5(1).

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